Jenny Kwan, MP

Member of Parliament, Vancouver East

Canada Post

I believe that Canadians are entitled to valuable public services, like those offered by Canada Post, at a reasonable cost.

Consider home mail delivery. Many people in our community and across Canada—especially seniors and those with disabilities—rely on door-to-door mail delivery from Canada Post. For them, it is an essential service. Unfortunately, this did not stop Stephen Harper’s Conservative government from significantly reducing the service, which the Liberal government, despite their promise to “save” home delivery, has yet to act on. I will continue calling for the full reinstatement of door-to-door mail delivery, including for all those who lost it. 

Canada Post’s workers should also be entitled to their rights as working people, including the constitutional right to free collective bargaining.

But during the most recent contract negotiations between the employer and Canada post workers, the Liberal government unfairly stacked the deck against postal workers by sending a clear message to Canada Post management that they were prepared to introduce back to work legislation. It critically undermined the essence of the collective bargaining process and sent the message that to the employer that there is no need to listen to employees’ concerns about working conditions.

I rose in the house to advocate on the behalf of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and their right to collective bargaining. This right is an essential component of the right of association, a protected right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Liberal government has talked about supporting workers and unions in Canada, yet their actions in legislating back-to-work orders, even after learning about injuries workers have sustained on the job, the countless hours of work without pay, and the thousands of hours of forced overtime these workers have had to face, tell a different truth about their view of workers’ rights.


I have always admired postal workers for doing what they do, regardless of where they are or the conditions they face.   I am proud to stand in solidarity with postal workers.