Globe: NDP MP informed she is being targeted by China as party renews call for inquiry

“The reason why I’m being targeted is because of my activism,” she said. “Coming out of this briefing it is more clear than ever that I will not be intimidated, that I will not be silenced in any way.”

Ms. Kwan said she could not disclose specific details provided by CSIS on how China tried intimidate her, but said the efforts date back as far as 2019. The Vancouver MP has been a strong critic of China’s 2020 effort to silence opposition and dissent in in Hong Kong, where she was born, as well as Beijing’s brutal treatment of Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province.

Ms. Kwan said this revelation is all the more reason for a public inquiry, not just a probe by Mr. Johnston.
“I call on the government to do what is right, and what is just, and that is: We need a national public inquiry,” Ms. Kwan said. “It is not just for the protection of people like me, who is a member of Parliament, but it is also people who face those dangers every day. And they need protection and they need the government to be on their side.”

Ms. Kwan expressed dismay that she only found out years later that the Chinese government had sought to interfere with her role as MP. The government agreed to provide briefings to MPs who were targets of China as a result of national-security leaks to The Globe and Mail about the effort to intimidate Mr. Chong and his family in Hong Kong.

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