HANSARD - Government should not be in the business of financing corporate rental landlords

Question Period
September 21, 2022 / 2:51 pm
     Ms. Jenny Kwan (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is a disgrace that indigenous peoples are 11 times more likely to use a shelter. One in five Canadians cannot find housing they could afford and home ownership is out of reach for too many young people.

    The Liberals continue to allow corporate landlords to treat housing as a stock market and not a basic human right. The government should not be in the business of financing corporate rental landlords to evict people from their homes.

    Hon. Ahmed Hussen (Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I want to remind the hon. member that we have been very much focused on putting in place cutting-edge programs like the Canada housing benefit, which is now in place in 10 provinces and three territories, and delivering direct rental supports right into the pockets of Canadian renters in vulnerable situations. On top of that we have been building affordable rental units from coast to coast to coast.

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