HANSARD: Jenny asks for input about additional resources to support Ukraine immigration measures

House of Common Debate
Russia's Attack on Ukraine
Government Orders
February 28th, 2022 / 11 p.m.


Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

Madam Chair, one of the issues I am very cognizant of is, of course, the variety of measures that the Canadian government needs to put in place to support Ukrainians. With respect to immigration, the government has announced that some efforts have been made. However, we also just learned that the government is not putting additional resources to support that work within IRCC. If we do not put additional resources into it, I fear that the backlog within IRCC and other streams will just escalate, as we have seen before.

What are the member's thoughts with respect to the government needing to put in additional resources to support immigration measures to support the people of Ukraine?


Raquel Dancho (Conservative) Kildonan—St. Paul, MB

Madam Chair, the hon. member and I worked together on the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. I very much support seeing the government put more resources into ensuring we have a visa-free regime with which we can bring Ukrainians to Canada to be reunited with their families, to be reunited with Canadians and to bring them to safety.

That is something we can move forward with immediately. The government has the resources. They can put that in place in the coming days.

Another thing we can do to support Ukraine and all of Europe is to ensure our pipeline capacity takes Canadian gas to tidewater so that we can offset Europeans' dependence on Russia for gas. Forty per cent of European gas is dependent on Russia right now. What does that do to countries in Europe that are looking to support Ukraine? They are in a vise-grip from Russia because of the energy it provides those European countries. We can easily offset that by getting our resources to tidewater and by supporting the security of energy to our European allies.



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