HANSARD: Jenny asks the government to increase the Canada Child Benefit and double the GST rebate

House of Commons Debate
The Economy
Oral Questions
June 13th, 2022 / 2:25 p.m.



Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

"Mr. Speaker, one in four homeowners believes they will lose their house because they cannot keep up with the rising interest rates. The Liberals' failure to help struggling Canadians is going to result in people being homeless, and no doubt corporate landlords are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of being able to sweep up these distressed properties. The Liberals cannot just stand by and do nothing.

Instead of cutting funding, will the government put more money in families' pockets by increasing the Canada child benefit by $500 and doubling the GST rebate?"


Chrystia Freeland (Liberal) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

"Mr. Speaker, we understand affordability matters to Canadians, and that is why we have already taken action and taken measures that are putting additional money in the pockets of Canadians who need it most this year.

This year the Canada workers benefit has gone up, so now a family of three is getting up to $2,300 more. This year the OAS is going up by 10%, so a senior is going to get $815 more. This year, people facing housing affordability challenges are getting $500."



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