HANSARD: Jenny asks why do the Conservatives always stand on the side of the giant corporations instead of people like creators and artists in Canada?

House of Commons Debate
Online Streaming Act
Government Orders
March 9th, 2023 / 1:25 p.m.

Jenny Kwan Vancouver East, BC

Madam Speaker, over the course of the pandemic, the independent music sector has seen its revenue decline by $233 million, and musicians' revenues have fallen by 79%. Canadian production saw an average decrease of 12.4% per year between January 2017 and December 2020. In digital media, royalties paid to Canadian creators were three times lower than those for traditional media uses.

In 2020, one in four working in the cultural sector lost his or her job, but Netflix revenues increased by over 22% in the same year. Netflix and web giants like Disney+ hardly pay any Canadian taxes.

Why do the Conservatives always stand on the side of giant corporations instead of people like creators and artists in Canada?

Melissa Lantsman Thornhill, ON

Madam Speaker, the facts are clear. We have had massive amounts of investment in Canadian culture. The member opposite, who cannot define Canadian culture and who has not even asked her coalition partners to define it for her, is talking about web giants. We are happy to have the conversation about the Googles and Netflix, but the bill before us would nothing on that. It absolutely would not affect the idea that they would still continue to make money. I know the NDP does not want anybody to make money in our country, but she can at least talk about what is in front of us today.

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