IN THE NEWS: Globe & Mail - CMHC won’t reveal where billions of dollars in rental construction loans are going

Canada’s federal housing agency is lending billions of dollars to boost construction of rental homes without routinely disclosing the recipients of the money or where the units are being built, shrouding in secrecy a program designed to address the country’s housing shortfall by providing developers with low-cost financing.

The Rental Construction Financing Initiative is one of Ottawa’s major efforts to boost home construction. It was announced in 2016 with $2.5-billion in funding, which has grown to more than $25-billion, making it the largest program in the government’s National Housing Strategy, a bundle of different initiatives intended to improve access to affordable units.

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Van Sun: B.C. MPs echo mayors, solicitor general on need for port police force

East Vancouver MP Jenny Kwan told Postmedia that she thinks port police should be restored on the waterfront.

Kwan, who has a container terminal in her riding, said when the force was disbanded in 1997, she was an MLA and very critical of the decision.

“The port police should never have been disbanded. There are definitely ongoing implications,” Kwan said. “The port is the gateway for illegal activities in terms of people shipping illegal goods in and out. … that’s definitely an ongoing concern.”

“We absolutely support minister Farnworth and the municipalities’ call for the federal government to step back up and show leadership in addressing this concern and to fund the port police.”

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