IN THE NEWS: Hill Times - As Conservatives decry end of accountability at committees, NDP MPs say nothing has changed

“I will continue to advocate and hold the government to account and pursue different issues on the two respective committees that I sit on,” she said. “From that perspective, this agreement changes nothing for me.”

“With or without the agreement, it does not steer me from holding the government to account, pushing the government in delivering for the people,” she said. “I’m going to be as helpful as I can, but I am going to be hard in holding the government to account to push them to take the necessary actions.”

She said she will continue to ask “tough questions,” including when Immigration Minister Sean Fraser (Central Nova, N.S.) appears.

Kwan said in cases where filibustering takes place, the NDP would assess if it is helpful or impeding the work of the committee.

She said she foresees that there will continue to be opportunities to work with other opposition parties.

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