IN THE NEWS: Toronto Star - Closure of Hong Kong’s last pro-democracy newspaper should spur Ottawa to action, critics say

“The forced closure of the newspaper, Apple Daily, as a result of charges under the National Security Law for Hong Kong is a significant blow to freedom of the press and freedom of speech in Hong Kong, and makes it clear that the powers under the National Security Law are being used as a tool to suppress media freedom and punish dissidents,” read the statement.
Vancouver NDP MP Jenny Kwan said the journalists who helped produce Apple Daily are now being “targeted” by the CCP, and said the federal government should make it easier for them to seek refuge in Canada.
Kwan said, so far, measures brought in by Ottawa to help Hong Kong democracy activists come to Canada are geared toward what would economically benefit Canada rather than humanitarian measures.
“How will we help (the Apple Daily staff) escape this persecution?” Kwan said. “We’re not. Let’s be clear about that.”
She said Canada’s response to China’s aggressions in the city have been weak and do not back up the Canadian government’s earlier claim it “stands with the people of Hong Kong.”

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