MEDIA RELEASE: NDP: Economic growth that benefits rich CEOs doesn’t help Canadians pay the bills

In response to new Statistics Canada numbers on economic growth, NDP Finance critic Daniel Blaikie issue the following statement

“As Canadian families get slammed by sky-high prices for food, home heating and housing, big oil and gas and big box companies are racking up record profits. Under this Liberal government, CEOs are lining their pockets.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Liberals must go after greedflation instead of hiding behind the Bank of Canada that says higher interest rates, fewer jobs and lower wages is the solution to the rising cost of living. Tuesday's 0.7 per cent economic growth figures should not be an excuse for Trudeau to keep turning to the Bank of Canada to keep cranking up interest rates — hiking the cost of families' mortgages and credit card payments.

New Democrats continue to call on the Liberals to put in place windfall tax on the excess profits of big oil and gas and big box stores, including big grocery chains. This money can then be invested in real help for families, like waiving the GST on home heating.

Canadians deserve a government that put the economy to work for them. Not a government that caters to the rich and powerful.”

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