OPEN LETTER: Urging Immigration Minister to exercise discretion and have inadmisibility waived under section 25.2

As Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, you also have the authority to exercise discretion and have inadmissibility waived to a broader class of individuals through a temporary public policy, under section 25.2 of the Immigration and Refugees Protection Act. Once the task force has completed their important work, I urge that you use this authority to assist victims of fraud by having their inadmissibility waived.

I have continuously called on the government to waive inadmissibility on the basis of misrepresentation for these students who have been exploited by bad actors. As you know, students deemed to be inadmissible are subject to a 5-year ban from entering Canada. The international students have already suffered enough. Some have sold everything they own to pay tuition to complete their education and to hire lawyers. This is wrong and you have the authority to act.

I also continue to urge that you provide an alternate pathway to permanent residency to allow the students to remain in Canada.

I remain willing to work with you on this important matter so that we can find a solution for all impacted students and prevent further suffering.

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