Jenny Kwan, MP

Member of Parliament, Vancouver East

Opioid Crisis

There is no doubt that this crisis unfolding right now in communities big and small right across Canada is nothing short of a national emergency. The suffering and damage this crisis is causing not just in the Downtown Eastside—the epic centre for the crisis—but in Vancouver East and cities throughout BC and Canada. I am very grateful for the herculean efforts of first responders, frontline workers, medical practitioners, family members and advocates who have and are continuing to work tirelessly to save lives in the midst of this terrible crisis.

I have repeatedly risen in the House of Commons to draw attention to this urgent issue. There is no question that we need real leadership from the federal government to respond decisively to this public emergency. We need InSite to be further resourced. We need additional supervised injection sites across the country. We need increased support for first responders and frontline workers. We need effective and accessible opioid maintenance treatment options. We need a comprehensive and coordinated strategy between all levels of government to address this devastating crisis. You can count on me to continue advocating hard on this important issue.