Parliament Video: Jenny in the House: Why is a self-employed person's tax return not being accepted to prove income for CRB eligibility?

Jenny asked this question in the House on February 19 2021:

Jenny Kwan (NDP)
 Vancouver East, BC

"Madam Speaker, my constituent has been earning $5,000 to $7,000 each year as a busker. He has diligently declared his self-employment income on his income tax return for the last two years. The pandemic has seen his income reduced drastically. In applying for the CRB, he was told by the CRA that his income tax return was not good enough. The CRA wants to see receipts or bank deposits for the $20 to $25 he earned in loose change as a busker each day. That is just absurd.

Is the government treating shareholders of big corporations the same way, or is this just for low-income residents? Will the minister take immediate action to correct this unjust treatment?"

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