Toronto Star: ‘Monumental’: Canada to extend citizenship to children born abroad, restoring rights of ‘lost Canadians’

“People travel. People study abroad. People work abroad. People fall in love abroad. People have families abroad,” said NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, who joined Miller at the media scrum.

“But guess what? As a result of this law, it meant that for some of those families, they have had to be separated from their children. Some children have been rendered stateless.”

Kwan also sniped at the opposition Conservatives for filibustering a recent bill by the Senate that called on similar changes to extend citizenship by descent to children born abroad to Canadians.

“We have to fix this once and for all,” she said. ”I’m standing here not for partisan reasons. I’m standing here because this is the right thing to do, not only a moral imperative to do this, but also a legal imperative.”

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