Jenny Kwan, MP

Member of Parliament, Vancouver East


I am an ardent supporter of public transit, and have been for many years, from my earliest days in 1993 as a city councillor through to my current role as MP. Fast, frequent, reliable, accessible, affordable, high capacity transit is essential.

Strong investment in public transportation is good policy both fiscally and environmentally. It is also key to ensuring liveable communities and to meeting the basic needs of those who do not have alternative transit options. As Canadian cities continue to grow, the failure to provide the essential funding to increase public transit options impact both Canadians at a personal level as well as the broader economy. According to the 2014 Traffic Index, Vancouver has the 3rd largest amount of gridlock in North America, just behind Los Angeles and Mexico City, with Toronto not far behind.

Investing in public infrastructure (such as improving roads and highways) and expanding public transit services will not only significantly improve lives of Canadians as they go about their day, but will also lead to a more environmentally sustainable society, in turn enabling Canada to do its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach ambitious Paris Agreement targets. Sufficient and stable long term funding is required to provide the service needed to meet existing and future transit demands.