Moving2Canada: Canada updates dual intent to prevent unnecessary rejections

Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) immigration critic, Jenny Kwan, has long been lobbying the federal government to address the failure of dual intent to protect Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) applicants from entering the country to reunite with their spouses.

“I continue to be concerned that it may set much higher expectations for them to demonstrate that they intend on leaving the country once the TRV is expired,” Kwan wrote, “Many applicants going through the spousal sponsorship process have expressed their frustration with having been repeatedly denied dual intent TRVs for not satisfying immigration officers that they will leave Canada, despite providing documentation to show strong ties to their country of origin and a history of respecting previous visa restrictions.”

Kwan has tabled a private member’s bill stipulating that loved ones with family sponsorship applications waiting to be processed may not be refused entry to Canada as a temporary resident solely on the grounds that they have not established they will leave before their documents expire, unless they have a history of non-compliance with requirements to leave Canada or another country.

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