It's Time for a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy

People suffering from perinatal mental illness are poorly served by the Canadian health care system. According to a recent report from the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative entitled Time for Action: Why Canada Needs A National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy Now More Than Ever, 95% of health care practitioners believe that perinatal mental health services are insufficient in Canada.

On June 3, MP Don Davies introduced Bill C-306 An Act respecting a national perinatal mental health strategy in the House of Commons.

This bill would require the Minister of Health to develop a national strategy to promote perinatal mental health across Canada including universal access to perinatal mental health screening during pregnancy and the postpartum period, timely treatment and increased research funding.

The mental health of parents has a profound impact on our society as a whole. When moms and dads get the help they need, this leads to healthier children, families and communities.

It's time for a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy!