Keep Plastic Out of Our Water

Plastic pollution in our oceans threatens our environment – hurting our wildlife and coastlines, and impacting everything from fisheries and tourism to your family’s trip to the beach.

The Liberal government hasn’t done enough to reduce our use of plastics and protect our coastal communities. That’s why Jagmeet and the NDP are pushing for urgent action to keep plastics out of our water. The solution that New Democrats are putting forward is calling on the Government of Canada to:

  • Create permanent, dedicated, and annual funding for community-led clean-up projects
  • Reduce consumer and industrial use of ‘single use’ plastics
  • Create a strategy to address cleanup of derelict fishing gear
  • Promote education and outreach campaigns on the root causes and negative environmental effects of plastic pollution

We must do more to protect our coastlines and waterways. Add your name to support our plan.