The Liberals' empty promise of immigration reform

Another day, another bit of evidence that the Prime Minister’s #RefugeesWelcome rhetoric is just that: rhetoric. Tweets aside, this Liberal government has taken no action on improving Designated Countries of Origin policy and refuses to give the Immigration Refugee Board the resources it has requested—and desperately needs. Nice words aren’t enough to solve these issues. Will the Liberal government protect the integrity of the IRB and Canada’s immigration system, and take action now? 

Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

"Mr. Speaker, when the Prime Minister promised to fix the temporary foreign workers program, I guess that was a Liberal promise and not a real one. What about the platform commitment to overhaul Canada's broken refugee system? Massive backlogs, unfair treatment, and lack of resources are threatening the integrity of our system.

Was the promise to “deliver a safe, secure, and humane refugee system” a real promise or just another Liberal promise?"

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