Aside from housing, one of the most prohibitive costs for Canadian families is the cost of childcare. The government has agreed to introduce an Early Learning and Child Care Act by the end of 2022 to ensuring that childcare agreements have long-term protected funding that prioritizes non-profit and public spaces so that high quality, affordable childcare opportunities will be available for families. I will pushing for the government to work with provinces and territories and implement a universal affordable childcare program so that all Canadian families can have access to quality, affordable childcare.

As a mother of two I firmly believe in the utmost importance of universal, affordable, and quality childcare. Every dollar invested in childcare is returned threefold to the economy. Not only is this investment good for the child and the family, it is good for our economy.

Media Release: The NDP forced the Liberals to deliver affordable, accessible, quality child care for Canadian families

As C-35 — a National Child Care Program — passes through third reading in the House of Commons, NDP critic for Families, Children and Social Development Leah Gazan (Winnipeg Centre) issued the following statement:

“For decades, parents across Canada have had to scramble to find child care that suits their needs and that won’t break the bank.

After almost thirty years of broken Liberal promises, it took the dedication and relentless efforts of child care workers, advocates and New Democrats to push them to finally deliver a National Child Care program.

Left on their own, the Liberals would have delayed the National Child Care program even further. And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have a track record of opposing affordable child care for Canadians.

Thanks to the NDP’s pressure through the Confidence and Supply Agreement and child care advocates' tireless work, a National Child Care Program will include long-term federal funding for provinces and Indigenous peoples to deliver affordable, accessible, inclusive and quality child care that families deserve.

NEWS: CBC - How the Liberal-NDP agreement will work and what it  might mean for Canadians

NEWS: CBC - How the Liberal-NDP agreement will work and what it might mean for Canadians

The "supply-and-confidence" agreement struck between the governing Liberals and the opposition New Democrats could affect the kind of legislation Canadians can expect to see pass through Parliament between now and 2025.

According to the deal, those key policy areas are climate change, health care spending, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, economic growth and efforts to make life more affordable.

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