More and more, we are feeling the effects of climate change, including heat waves, increased fires, and floods. Extreme weather is killing people, devastating communities and destroying critical infrastructure and environmental assets.

It is my strong belief that environmental justice is social justice. A Just Transition must not only create a healthier environment, but also better opportunities and improve affordability for Canadian workers and families. We must end taxpayer subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and move into sustainable, renewable energy resources, investing in and bringing Canadian workers along the way. We need to improve energy efficiencies in all our infrastructure, invest in green, affordable transit and make lives more affordable for Canadians. We must center Indigenous knowledge and rights in our resource development.

Left unchecked, extreme weather connected to climate change will continue to wreak havoc on Canadian lives and livelihoods. Losing is not an option - we must fight the climate crisis like we mean to win.

Climate leaders do not buy pipelines. Climate leaders do not adopt Stephen Harper’s carbon emissions target.

IN THE NEWS: National Observer - MPs raise concerns over pipeline construction obstructing salmon run

The NDP’s fisheries critic Lisa Marie Barron, house leader Peter Julian, infrastructure and communities critic Bonita Zarrillo and Vancouver East MP Jenny Kwan signed an open letter raising concerns about the impact pipeline construction is having on the early salmon run.
The letter asks the ministers for Fisheries and Oceans, Environment, Natural Resources and Crown-Indigenous Relations to “intervene and halt construction of the TMX pipeline expansion,” adding the future health of wild Pacific salmon species may depend on their action.
The federal NDP opposes the Liberal government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline and the expansion project, though Leader Jagmeet Singh has not said whether the party would cancel it.

IN THE NEWS: National Observer - Canada needs energy advisers to bolster its home retrofit plans

The program is retroactive to Dec. 1, 2020, so homeowners who complete an evaluation before starting renovations can qualify for the grant.
The Liberal government's latest announcement was met with mixed reactions. NDP MP Jenny Kwan said the energy adviser program was too little, too late. “They of course, are… way behind on action that's necessary to address the climate emergency,” she said.
Recruiting more energy advisers and federal loans and grants for homeowners are a good start, said Brendan Haley, policy director of Efficiency Canada, but retrofit programs will need to ramp up in coming years to have the desired impact.

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