Hansard: November 24, 2021

House of Commons Debate
Flooding in British Columbia
Emergency Debate
November 24th, 2021 / 11:35 p.m.


Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

Madam Speaker, I think we have all listened very carefully to the details he has offered around the situation with which his constituents are faced. He can be assured that the New Democrats will work with him and with the government to ensure they get the help they need. Being from British Columbia, I will ensure that all British Columbians get the help they need.

On that note, the government has said that there will be emergency support for people who are faced with this situation. I am worried that if they apply for this emergency support, later on down the road it might come back to hit them, such as with the seniors who have been hit on the GIS clawback, that somehow or another it will disqualify them for something or they will be penalized for something.

In his discussions on the issue around supporting individuals, families and businesses that have been hit by this has there been some assurance from the government that it will not come back and tell people that they will lose some sort of benefit or will have a claw back on some other eligibility criteria? What are his thoughts on that?



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