HANSARD: Inappropriate behaviour in the House

House of Commons Debate
Bill C-19—Time Allocation Motion
Budget Implementation Act,
2022, No. 1
Government Orders
May 9th, 2022 / 12:40 p.m.


Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

"Madam Speaker, I rise on a point of order. We are all hon. members here. I know that debates get heated from time to time, but it is entirely inappropriate for that member to refer to my colleague, the member for New Westminster—Burnaby, as a “lapdog”. It is entirely inappropriate to use that kind of language in the House and to refer to any hon. member in the House in that manner.

Madam Speaker, I seek your advice on how to proceed with the outrageous point of view offered by that member."


The Assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes (NDP)

"I appreciate the hon. member's interruption. It is something that I was going to raise as soon as the hon. member had finished. I would ask members not to attack individual members in the House in that way.

I trust that the member will offer an apology before he continues his remarks, which I am going to ask him to wrap up soon."


Todd Doherty (Conservative) Cariboo—Prince George, BC

"Madam Speaker, I apologize if perhaps my comments struck a nerve with our colleagues. With all due respect, I know our colleagues to be honourable. I do, but it is frustrating—"


The Assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes (NDP)

"I just want to ask the member whether he is going to apologize to the member."


Todd Doherty (Conservative) Cariboo—Prince George, BC

"Madam Speaker, I was just getting to it."


The Assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes (NDP)

"I would ask the member to respond to that and finish his question, so that I can get to the hon. member, because we are running out of time and I am going to have to start cutting questions on that side of the House."


Todd Doherty (Conservative) Cariboo—Prince George, BC

"Madam Speaker, with all due respect, I do apologize for saying the comments, but I do not apologize for the feelings that this side of the House has, when the government has essentially given itself a majority with its colleagues from the NDP.

I want to ask what happened to the “sunny ways” of 2015, when the Liberals were not going to start with dilatory motions; they were going be the most open and responsive government, and they were not going to force closure on debates. This, they have done time and time again, not only in this session, but any time the heat is turned up on them. What happened to that government?"


The Assistant Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes (NDP)

"I just want to remind members that name calling is really not a very professional thing to do, especially in this House.

The hon. government House leader."



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