HANSARD: Establishing a fund to protect renters by keeping affordable homes available

Jenny Kwan, Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, the median rent in Vancouver is now over $3,000. Finding a place in B.C. is a full-time job for renters, as greedy landlords evict tenants to hike rent even higher. The Liberal government continues to let corporate landlords and greedy housing profiteers off the hook. Meanwhile, the Conservative leader would rather let his real estate executive buddies and developer friends maximize profits on the backs of Canadians.

The NDP is proposing a fund to protect renters by keeping affordable homes available. Will the Liberals include this measure in budget 2024 to make rent affordable for Canadians?

Soraya Martinez Ferrada
Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec

Mr. Speaker, as my colleague knows, before being a minister I was the parliamentary secretary for housing. I have worked with her on many issues on the housing front, and I know that she, like I do, wants to make sure that every Canadian has a home. That is what we are doing as a government. We have the accelerator fund, are working on the right to have a home, and are working on homelessness to make sure people have a roof over their head. We will continue to make every day worthwhile so Canadians can have a home.



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