HANSARD: If Conservatives really want to address housing crisis, Why are they not taking on wealthy investors who are jacking up rent, renovicting people, displacing people and rendering them to the streets?

House of Commons Hansard #242 of the 44th Parliament, 1st Session
Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities
Committees of the House
Routine Proceedings
October 30th, 2023 / 3:55 p.m.

Jenny Kwan Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, it is interesting. The Conservatives act as though they are the saviours of the housing crisis, but of course they are and were part of the problem that created the housing crisis. They cancelled the co-op housing program in 1992 and severely cut social housing funding. In fact, we just heard the leader of the Conservatives today talk about social housing and co-op housing as though it was a Soviet-style model of delivery of housing.

My question to the member is this. If they really want to actually address the housing crisis like they claim to, why are they not taking on wealthy investors who are jacking up rent, renovicting people, displacing people and rendering them to the streets?

Tracy Gray Kelowna—Lake Country, BC

Mr. Speaker, I am not sure if the member is aware of this, but there are rent controls in certain provinces in this country.

The fact of the matter is that people cannot even afford to rent the most simple of places. We have people living in tents. We have people living in RVs in parking lots. The affordability crisis is really affecting people. They cannot even afford food, let alone housing. It is driving people even further into this housing crisis because everything costs more, including the government's tax increases and the inflation that is happening, leading to interest rates that are where they are.

Everything is becoming more expensive, and it is literally driving people into places where they cannot even afford basic necessities. Those are the results of this NDP-Liberal government over the last eight years.

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