HANSARD: Jenny asks the guarantee of Ukrainian refugees get resettlement supports anywhere Canada

House of Commons Debate
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Oral Questions
March 29th, 2022 / 2:45 p.m.


Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

"Mr. Speaker, millions of Ukrainians continue to flee violence in their country. The majority are women, children and seniors. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress says, “There are virtually no federal supports for Ukrainians”. The government must do everything it can to get Ukrainians and other displaced people to safety and help them settle in Canada by ensuring access to supports such as language training, employment assistance, child care, health care, housing and more.

Will the minister guarantee that these vulnerable people get resettlement supports, no matter where they are in Canada?"


Sean Fraser (Liberal) Minister of Immigration

"Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member for her question, but more importantly, for her sincere concern for the well-being of those who fled Ukraine to come to Canada.

I am very pleased to share with her that yesterday we announced that we would be extending settlement supports to Ukrainians who have landed in Canada, including employment assistance, language training and other measures that we make available directly to refugees who come to Canada. We continue to work with provinces and territories to see what more we can do to support people when they get here. It is not enough that they arrive. They have to be set up for success once they get to Canada."



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