HANSARD: Jenny urges the minister to acknowledge the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls inquiry

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
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Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls inquiry declared that Canada carried out a genocide three years ago. The lack of progress in the 231 calls for justice is beyond shocking. At a recent coalition of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls meeting, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations acknowledged that the process needs to be indigenous-led, but he admitted that he does not know how to proceed.

The coalition has been advocating for inclusion and a seat at the decision-making table from the outset. Not only have they been excluded, they have also been forced to create their own action plan without any government support or resources. Frontline workers who work closely supporting vulnerable indigenous women have also been ignored. Communication with these stakeholders ranged from non-existent to sporadic.

It is time that the minister listened to these women to ensure they are included in the development and execution of the federal pathway plan. The NDP is also calling for independent oversight of government bodies and repercussions for negligence in meeting timeline and targets. Enough is enough.



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