HANSARD: Statement in remembrance of Missing Murdered and Indigenous Women and Girls

Debates of Feb. 14th, 2024
House of Commons Hansard #282 of the 44th Parliament, 1st Session

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Statements by Members

February 14th, 2024 / 2:15 p.m.


Jenny Kwan Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, on every Valentine's Day since 1992, led by indigenous matriarchs, 2SLGBTQ+ members and family members in the Downtown Eastside, the community takes to the streets to honour and grieve the loss of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls and the gender diverse. Each year as we march, the drumming unites our heartbeats and eagles circle in the sky. Their spirits live within us.

This act of remembrance is an expression of love, respect and solidarity for families and survivors. Our community stands united in the call for justice. We demand full implementation of all 231 calls for justice. We demand action, and not just empty words. We demand accountability and measurable progress. The CBC reported that, as of June 2023, only two of the 231 calls for justice had been completed, and more than half have not even been started. This is unconscionable.

In honour of—



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