HANSARD: Will the Liberals finally support the NDP's plan for universal pharmacare to help Canadians make ends meet?

Debates of June 13th, 2023, 2:50 p.m.
House of Commons Hansard #212 of the 44th Parliament, 1st Session.
Oral Questions

Jenny Kwan Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, people are struggling to pay their rent, buy groceries and afford their medication. I have met seniors who are taking their pills every other day or cutting them in half to make them last longer.

Today, New Democrats introduced a plan to help Canadians afford their prescription drugs. The Liberals have been promising pharmacare for 25 years, without acting. People are counting on the current government to make life more affordable, but it is letting them down.

Will the Liberals finally support the NDP's plan for universal pharmacare to help Canadians make ends meet?

Jean-Yves Duclos Minister of Health

Mr. Speaker, the member is correct. People are counting on the government to make life more affordable for seniors and for families with children, including the 300,000 children who have received the Canada dental benefit since December of last year. These are children who can now go see a dentist or hygienist and have access to proper and affordable oral health care, which we all know is essential for global health in this particular country.


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