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Vancouver East is one of the most diverse and vibrant ridings in Canada, and it has long been my believe that it is right here that the pulse of social justice beats the hardest. The progressive values of Vancouver East attract people of diverse ethnicities and talents. Van East is the proud home of a wide array of arts and culture organizations, frontline non-profits, diverse culinary establishments, small and independent businesses, exciting tech start ups… the list goes on. Attending community events in this incredible riding always inspires me to work harder to amply the voices of Van East in Parliament and beyond. I look forward to meeting you at your next event!


TOWNHALL Meeting April 4: Saving Our Environment
Tuesday, April 11, 7 pm at Italian Cultural Centre Trattoria (3072 Slocan St)
Hosted by MP Jenny Kwan and MP Don Davies
with special guests Dr. Melissa Lem, Grand Chief Stewart Philip and Adele Liu

Drop off water to OPS, DTES Womens Centre and Crab Park Encampment

I just got back from Ottawa and saw the message last night from Sarah from the OPS on social media indicating that they needed water.  So today, I got flats of bottled water and delivered it to them.  Also took some to the women's center so that everyone can stay hydrated.  Thank you to these dedicated frontline workers for their excellent work in our community. 

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