Parliament Video: Jenny in the House: Asking questions about C-83 , solitary confinement, and mental health

During the February 21, 2019 report stage debate on Bill C-83, I asked questions about addressing the potentially damaging mental health impacts of solitary confinement, or "administrative segregation", with respect to Bill C-83:

Jenny Kwan (NDP) Vancouver East, BC

"Mr. Speaker, the bill itself, Bill C-83, will effectively make some tweaks to existing legislation, one of which is to rebrand solitary confinement as administrative segregation in what are called “structured integration units”. The B.C. Supreme Court and the Ontario Superior Court have ruled that administrative segregation is unconstitutional. This bill in and of itself does not fix that issue. In fact, as the member identified, one area of concern that he has centres around mental health.

The bill still allows for indefinite isolation and segregation of up to 20 hours instead of the current 22 to 23 hours This segregation can cause permanent mental health damage to inmates, who need to be integrated into society. I would like to have the member comment with respect to the mental health aspect of this action being taken, as is allowed under this bill."

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