Kinder Morgan

The Kinder Morgan expansion project brings massive environmental and economic risks with no major benefits for British Columbia or local residents.

Join me in saying no to:

» Exporting raw bitumen, which does nothing to meet Canada’s energy needs.
» Increased oil tanker traffic in the Burrard Inlet (from eight to 34 per month).
» To a pipeline route that slices right through residential neighbourhoods and Indigenous communities
» To an environmental "review" process that excluded citizens, communities, and Indigenous voices

The Prime Minister’s recent announcement doesn't just represent a betrayal to many of those who voted Liberal in the 2015 election; it represents a betrayal to all Canadians who expect better from our Prime Minister: who expect decision-making based on science, and genuine consultation with First Nations communities, and with a deep regard for our fragile yet incredible coastline and the many communities who will be devasted by the damage the Kinder Morgan expansion project can be expected to cause. 

I am heartened by the fact that thousands of people gathered in Vancouver recently to voice their opposition to this project. I strongly believe that the voices of the people will prevail.

Join with me in calling on the Prime Minister to reverse this decision:

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