Jenny Kwan's Statement on the Komagata Maru incident and Canada's apology

Today in the House of Commons, Jenny Kwan rose to speak about the Komagata Maru incident.

"Mr. Speaker, the Komagata Maru tragedy is a reflection of the discriminatory exclusion laws that existed in Canada. Nearly 400 passengers were refused entry into Canada; they were sent back to India, and 20 were killed. 

"The NDP has long advocated that a respectful apology be made in the House of Commons for this dark chapter of our history. On February 3, I carried on the hard work of former MPs Jasbir Sandhu and Jinny Sims and tabled my motion to call for action.

"Let us all acknowledge the hard work of the Professor Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation for initiating the call for justice in 2012, and for not losing sight of the current Prime Minister's commitment that he would make the apology within the first 90 days of his mandate.

"While today is not exactly within 90 days of the Liberal government's mandate, better late than never. After all, we have already waited 102 years. I thank everyone for their unwavering hard work and dedication. I thank the government for honouring his significant commitment.


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