LGBTQ Study in Citizenship and Immigration Committee


LGBTQ persons face criminal sanctions in 72 countries globally on the basis of their identity. In eight of these countries it is punishable by death.

This study was an extension of an emergency study that CIMM undertake during the summer of 2016, Immigration Measures for the Protection of Vulnerable Group. During that study we heard compelling testimony about the issues surrounding LGBTQ refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and the incredible work being done by community organizations through the IRCC pilot initiative.

That report was tabled in the House of Commons and can be found here:

The government officially responded to that report, and that response can be found here:

I supported the main recommendations contained within the report, but strongly feel that the government needs to take additional actions. I attached a supplementary report to the main report advancing three additional recommendations. These recommendations included: additional resources to deal with the IRB’s legacy claims; establishing a sub-committee to study the increasing incidence of IDPs and how Canada can best respond; and that refugees resettled through the RRAP be counted outside of existing privately sponsored refugee plans.

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