MEDIA RELEASE: Heather McPherson unequivocally denounces antisemitism

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson made the following statement

“I unequivocally denounce antisemitism. The comments that were brought to light are completely unacceptable and my team and I should have reviewed them before accepting to participate in this press conference. I am disgusted by the comments that we have seen.

I am really sorry that this has happened again after last week’s shocking participation of people who had engaged in antisemitism on Parliament Hill. It is clear that we need a conversation in Canada about the scourge of antisemitism and call it out where we see it.

With the rise of antisemitism and hate, now more than ever we have to be more vigilant in the events that we are taking part in, and I am committed to do that work. I apologize for any and all harm my presence at this press conference has on the Jewish community and will continue to try to do better going forward.

I also want to apologize to the other groups that participated in today’s press conference to highlight the injustices and human rights violations that many people are subject to. They made some very important points that will certainly be overshadowed by this awful situation.”

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Van Sun: B.C. MPs echo mayors, solicitor general on need for port police force

East Vancouver MP Jenny Kwan told Postmedia that she thinks port police should be restored on the waterfront.

Kwan, who has a container terminal in her riding, said when the force was disbanded in 1997, she was an MLA and very critical of the decision.

“The port police should never have been disbanded. There are definitely ongoing implications,” Kwan said. “The port is the gateway for illegal activities in terms of people shipping illegal goods in and out. … that’s definitely an ongoing concern.”

“We absolutely support minister Farnworth and the municipalities’ call for the federal government to step back up and show leadership in addressing this concern and to fund the port police.”

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