MEDIA RELEASE: New Democrats want more money in Canadians’ pockets and less money for ultra-rich oil companies

With the cost of necessities and interest rates going up, families need more money in their pockets—ultra-rich CEOs don’t.

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic, Laurel Collins, made the following statement in response to the government ending international fossil fuel subsidies:

“After months of calls from New Democrats to stop handing out billions of dollars to profitable oil and gas companies, the Liberals finally have a plan to end international fossil fuel subsidies – but it’s too little too late. Canadians are already living with the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, which are destroying our communities’ infrastructure and hurting the health, and livelihoods of Canadians.

Eliminating international public financing was a part of the NDP's supply and confidence agreement with the federal government. This wouldn't have happened if the NDP weren't at the table pushing for a better climate plan for Canadians. But the Liberals are still giving Canadians’ money to the ultra-rich CEOs who run massive, profitable oil and gas companies in Canada.

Under Justin Trudeau, the Liberal government hands out more public money to oil and gas companies than almost every other country in the G20 – almost $15 billion every single year. The prime minister could end all fossil fuel subsidies and use this money to help you and your family with the rising costs of rent and food or invest in solutions that fight the climate emergency. Instead of using that $15 billion to help you and your family, the Liberals keep choosing to give it to rich oil and gas CEOs who are already making huge profits.

New Democrats are calling on the government to stop the handouts to Big Oil by cancelling all fossil fuel subsidies immediately.

The money the government is sending to huge oil and gas companies could be reinvested in measures that help you and your family manage rising costs. The billions of dollars the government would save could also be used to make a real, deliverable plan to ensure all workers are supported in a transition to renewable energy that Canadians and their communities need.”

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