Preserving Vancouver's Chinatown

105_keefer-fw.jpgVancouver’s Chinatown is one of the most endangered sites in Vancouver and Canada. That is why we must make a concerted effort now to preserve it—or lose it forever.

The good news is that the community cares deeply about the future of Chinatown.

They are calling on all levels of government to work collaboratively with the community to help revitalize Chinatown in such a way that preserves, protects and reinvigorates the integrity of this historic neighbourhood. This includes investment in much-needed affordable housing in the area, such as the purchase of 105 Keefer—an excellent candidate for an infrastructure project the federal government can and should support.

In addition, the community is also urging the government to help rejuvenate the area’s historic Chinese Society and Clan Association buildings, living proof of their historically-significant role serving the social, political, and financial needs of Chinese-Canadians. These buildings could be renovated to create usable community cultural spaces (such as for food programming) as well as affordable housing.

I fully support the community’s work to bridge the past with the current realities of today.

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