Statement on the Shooting at the Great Mosque of Quebec City

On January 29th, one year ago, this country was shaken by a senseless act of violence. A young man radicalized by white nationalist ideology ​entered the Great Mosque of Quebec City and shot twenty-five people, killing six.

We commemorate this loss of life and we remember the six people who were taken from us. Th​is loss diminishes our community and the pain felt by their loved ones is our pain as well.  The victims of this shooting were attacked because they were Muslims and because they were practicing their religion. This act of terrorism was directed at one religious group, and in order to prevent future violent crimes we must recognize this fact and work to prevent the discriminatory ideology that led to it.

It should not need to be said that no one should have to fear for their lives in this great country of ours. ​No one should be afraid of exercising their chosen religion or participating in their community. No one should have to hear that their loved ones were injured or killed simply for being who they are.  We must, as a country, work to ensure that our democratic rights are enjoyed and respected by every member of our society.  

On the anniversary of the shooting at the Great Mosque of Quebec City, I call on all Canadians to ​join me in ​honouring those who were injured and those who lost their lives that day by ensuring our actions are grounded by the principle of respect. With love and courage, let us unite and recommit ourselves to a Canada that recognizes and celebrates the strength of our diversity

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