HANSARD: Questions Passed as Ordered for Returns

House of Commons
Question No.1145—
Questions Passed as Orders for Returns
Routine Proceedings
January 30th, 2023 / 3:35 p.m.

Jenny Kwan Vancouver East, BC

With regard to the special immigration measures for Afghan nationals: (a) broken down by current country of residence and stream (people who assisted the government of Canada, humanitarian, extended family of former interpreters, and the special program to sponsor Afghan refugees without UNHCR status) and the year of the application, (i) how many applicants have been assigned a unique client identifier number, (ii) how many applicants have been assigned an application number starting with the letter G and are awaiting to come to Canada, (iii) how many applications are awaiting to have their biometrics completed, (iv) how many applications have biometrics completed for all applicants and are awaiting a flight to Canada, (v) how many applicants have satisfied all the requirements such as medical, biometrics, security checks, etc.; (b) what are the average processing times for a successful application; (c) what is the average waiting time for successful applicants to be assigned a flight destined for Canada; (d) how many applicants are still awaiting departure to come to Canada; (e) how many applications have been rejected under the special measures because they do not have a valid visa or expired visa in the third country; (f) how much funding has the government allocated to the International Organization for Migration (IOM); (g) how many IOM housing units are funded by the government of Canada; (h) how many Afghan nationals under the special measures have (i) been assigned to an IOM housing unit, (ii) are waiting for a unit, (iii) are being asked to pay back housing costs; and (i) for Afghan nationals under the special measures being asked to pay back housing costs, (i) how much are they being asked to pay on average, (ii) what is the timeline for repayment?

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