Parliament is where I bring the voices of Vancouver East constituents to government and fight for real action and legislative change. I do this through debating and voting on legislation in the chamber, as well as attend committee meetings where Members of Parliament examine, discuss, and debate issues in greater depth and details.

On this page you can see all question period questions, statements and speeches that I make in the House of Commons. In the “In Committee” page you can see my debates and proceedings in various parliamentary committees.

Select videos of questions and statements can be viewed under the “House Speeches” section.

Parliament Video: Bring Afghan nationals who assisted Canada and their families to safety!

On May 10 2022, MP Jenny Kwan raised questions and concerns with the Liberal government's lack of action in ensuring that Afghans who are fleeing and hiding from the Taliban would be able to get to safety. There are over 300 former Afghan interpreters whose families have been left behind. They have made application and done a tremendous amount of work in guiding the government in bringing forward the necessary immigration measures to support their loved ones so that they can get to safety. Unfortunately, even with all of that guidance, the government has not been able to move forward in bringing their loved ones to Canada:

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