Parliament is where I bring the voices of Vancouver East constituents to government and fight for real action and legislative change. I do this through debating and voting on legislation in the chamber, as well as attend committee meetings where Members of Parliament examine, discuss, and debate issues in greater depth and details.

On this page you can see all question period questions, statements and speeches that I make in the House of Commons. In the “In Committee” page you can see my debates and proceedings in various parliamentary committees.

Select videos of questions and statements can be viewed under the “House Speeches” section.

CPAC Video: Jenny on Citizenship Rights for Second-Generation Canadians and Lost Canadians

NDP Immigration critic Jenny Kwan discusses amendments she will be moving at the House of Commons immigration committee on a policy relaed to citizenship rights of second-generation Canadians born aboard. She is joined at the news conference on Parliament Hill by Randall Emery (founding director of the Canadian Citizens Rights Council), Don Chapman (founder of the Lost Canadians Society), Sujit Choudhry (immigration lawyer representing lost Canadian families), and Emma Kenyon (an individual who was impacted by the citizenship policy).

QP: ‘Invisible wall’ at Roxham Road will drive persecuted asylum-seekers on ‘a dangerous pathway’

During question period at the House of Commons on Monday, NDP MP Jenny Kwan said that the closure of Roxham Road over the weekend with “an invisible wall” would “only drive persecuted asylum-seekers on a more dangerous pathway.” Parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marie-France Lalonde responded by saying that the government had “finally updated” the Safe Third Country Act and that this was a “victory.”

HANSARD: Debating Private Member’s Motion on Housing for Individuals with Non-visible Disabilities

The motion states that the government should work with stakeholders in upholding a federal framework to improve access to adaptable, affordable housing for individuals with non-visible disabilities. In doing so, it calls for consideration of the presence of an expert on persons with visible and non-visible disabilities on the National Housing Council, recognizing in the National Housing Strategy Act the barriers to housing faced by people with disabilities, prioritizing the creation of accessible units, and ensuring that the right to adequate housing is applied equitably.

New Democrats fully support a human rights-based approach to housing. This means that every single person in Canada must have access to safe, affordable and adequate housing as a fundamental and basic human right, yet far too many Canadians, especially those with a disability, are being left behind. An estimated 235,000 Canadians will experience homelessness this year, of whom 45% are living with a physical or mental disability. There is no doubt that the housing crisis disproportionately impacts Canadians living with a disability, many of whom are low-income and living in poverty on fixed incomes. This is not a new issue, but inflationary pressures and the financialization of housing are only making matters worse. 

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