Parliament is where I bring the voices of Vancouver East constituents to government and fight for real action and legislative change. I do this through debating and voting on legislation in the chamber, as well as attend committee meetings where Members of Parliament examine, discuss, and debate issues in greater depth and details.

On this page you can see all question period questions, statements and speeches that I make in the House of Commons. In the “In Committee” page you can see my debates and proceedings in various parliamentary committees.

Select videos of questions and statements can be viewed under the “House Speeches” section.

HANSARD: Why Canada let our visa application centre in China operated and run by the CCP?

Madam Speaker, it has been brought to light that Canada's visa application centre in China has been subcontracted to a Chinese state-owned company run and operated by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The company that was awarded the contract, VFS Global, has confirmed at the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration that the Canadian government knew right from the beginning that services were being subcontracted and that it was informed of the ownership structure of the company.

Jenny Kwan in Question Period on the Phoenix Pay System

On November 7, 2018, I asked the following during Question Period: 

"Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Public Services keeps saying fixing the Phoenix fiasco is her number one priority. My constituent went on maternity leave and thanks to Phoenix, her T-4 slip says she was paid four times more than what she actually received. Canada Revenue Agency will not put a hold on her file and as a result, she received a $14,000 tax bill and was forced to pay taxes on income that she never earned. She filed a complaint more than seven months ago and was told no action has been taken.

How can the Prime Minister think that this is acceptable?"

Jenny Kwan in Question Period on Investigating Opioid Manufacturers

I asked the following in Question Period on November 08, 2018: 

"Mr. Speaker, for the first time in decades, life expectancy in Canada could decrease because of the ongoing opioid crisis. Canada is the second-largest user of opioids behind the U.S. Purdue Pharma was found guilty of misleading the public and downplaying the risk of addiction, and was forced to pay $830 million.

It is time for the Prime Minister to stand up to big pharma and seek justice for families. Will he launch a criminal investigation into opioid manufacturers and seek compensation for the costs of addressing the opioid crisis?"

Jewish Heritage Month

I am proud to have this opportunity today to stand in the House in support of Bill S-232, which would establish May as Jewish heritage month.
I must admit that I am a bit surprised that such a bill has not yet already been passed in the House. The United States proclaimed May as the month to celebrate the contributions of the American Jewish community in 2006, and Ontario established May as Jewish Heritage Month in 2012.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

The call to mark December 17 as the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers began in 2003 as a memorial for the victims of the Green River killer in Seattle.

This annual day of remembrance serves to raise awareness about the high level of violence sex workers face on a regular basis. The fact is sex workers face assault, battery, rape, and murder on a regular basis, and yet, there is this general attitude that violence against sex workers is somehow expected and therefore accepted.

Surely, we must agree that violence against anyone is not acceptable. Our current laws put sex workers at great risk of violence, and deny them equal access to justice and police protection when they are the victims of crime.

As we honour and remember the victims, we must also renew our commitment to end the violence by taking action to end the perpetuation of the stigmas associated with sex workers.

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