Canadians have been struggling for decades with a housing affordability crisis. With the rapidly rising cost of living in addition to the housing crisis, Canadians are struggling harder than ever.
To address the root cause of the affordability crisis, the government must prioritize people over the profits of corporations, oil and gas, and the ultra-wealthy. By closing tax loopholes, tax havens, and stopping tax-payer funded subsidies to oil and gas industries and corporations, we will be able to make the investments that will improve affordability and enhance the well-being of Canadians, such as affordable housing, universal dental and pharmacare, public education, a just transition to a green economy, and Guaranteed Livable Basic income. 
The pandemic has shown us that the government can respond rapidly to a crisis if there is the political will. The CERB and CRB showed that the minimum wage for survival is $2000, yet the incomes of seniors and people on disability fail to reach that. The NDP has introduced a private member's bill to develop a national framework for a permanent Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI) in Canada with reporting requirements. The bill proposes a GLBI for all people living in Canada over the age of 17 regardless of participation in the workforce or an educational training program.
I will keep fighting for real policies that will make sure that the rich pay their fair share and that all Canadians can live in dignity and security. 

Canadian Press: Budget 2023: Liberals follow through on big promises in deal with NDP

Canadian Press: Budget 2023: Liberals follow through on big promises in deal with NDP

OTTAWA -  The Liberal government has continued to fulfil its promises to the NDP within its second federal budget since the parties struck a confidence-and-supply agreement in March 2022.

New Democrats have agreed to prop up the minority government on key votes, including budgets, until June 2025 in exchange for movement on shared priorities.
Here are the key NDP-approved initiatives that were penned into the agreement and made it into this year's budget:

MEDIA RELEASE: Jagmeet and the NDP deliver results that will save many Canadians up to $1,700

OTTAWA – The budget released on Tuesday shows how Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats have used their power to deliver results for Canadians at a time where people desperately need help with the cost-of-living. With another doubling of the GST rebate and dental care for children under 18, people living with a disability and seniors, millions of Canadians are going to save $1,700.

“Today’s budget shows that when New Democrats use our power, we get real things done for people,” said Singh. “This is a difficult time for Canadians. The cost of everything is up. That’s why we fought for a budget that saves you money and creates good jobs with better wages. Justin Trudeau voted against dental care twice and he didn’t want to double the GST rebate, but we didn’t take no for an answer. We fought and we got those things for working people. And if Pierre Poilievre had his way in this budget, there would be no dental care. Your pension, and the services that your family relies on would be cut to benefit the big bosses.”

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