Social justice means that everyone has equal access to opportunities to thrive and resources to live in safety and dignity. This means equitable access to housing, healthcare, justice, economic opportunity and security. We must defend the hard-won rights fought for by generations of activists, such as women and pregnant people’s reproductive choice and freedom. We must fight and eradicate the social stigmas faced by marginalized people, such as people who are part of the LBGTQ community, people who belong to gender minorities, people who live in poverty or people who struggle with substance use disorders. We must address systemic barriers that continue the perpetuation of colonialism, racism, ableism, ageism, misogyny, and all forms of oppression.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh always says that “when we lift each other up, we all rise.”

Nowhere is this statement more evident than in the riding of Vancouver East. The diversity and commitment to social justice of this riding attracts many of the country’s most innovative, creative, progressive and compassionate people to make Van East the place to work, to create art, to look for community, and to call home. Van East is living proof that by working to create a place that is safe for, and inclusive of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our community, we create an incredible place where so many people want to live.

Globe: Ottawa rebuffs MPs’ calls to welcome trans asylum seekers at U.S. border

Globe: Ottawa rebuffs MPs’ calls to welcome trans asylum seekers at U.S. border

"The Supreme Court of Canada stated that equality rights are just as important as every other human right. Even the government’s lawyers argued that urgent exemption for migrant women, girls, and 2SLGTBQIA+ people in the Safe Third Country Agreement is needed.   

Back in 2002, the UNHCR already recommended that there should be a policy exemption on gender-based claims when Canada drafted regulations for the STCA.  

Instead of expanding the STCA to the entire border, the NDP strong believes that the Liberals should suspend the STCA.  Failing to do so will mean increase risks of human trafficking and sexual violence often disproportionately targeted at migrant women, girls, and LGBTQI individuals. 

If the Liberals won’t do what is right, they should at least exempt gender-based claims in the STCA.”

Parliament Video: Jenny In the House: Ending gender-based violence needs action now: stable funding, a community-driven nat'l action plan

On April 20, 2021, Jenny made a statement in the house about the need to address the root causes of gender-based violence, and the need for stable funding for the community organizations on the ground doing the work. The pandemic has been a giant wake-up call which should spur urgent and significant investments to address the core fundamental issues that Canadians struggle with. The government must come to the table with community advocates and develop an action plan to address violence against women and provide stable funding to NGOs on the ground. The lives and safety of women are at risk.

MEDIA RELEASE: MP Jenny Kwan Statement on International Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate the trans people in our communities, but also a day to recognize the ongoing struggles of the trans community. As we celebrate the hard-fought gains for trans rights made in Canada over recent decades, we must also be vigilant against attacks on our trans siblings here and across the world.

We must push back against the overt threats to trans health and wellbeing – like the wave of legislation being passed in the US to restrict life saving healthcare, gender recognition, and community participation – but also against indirect measures that will lead to the suffering of LGBTQ+ people.

HANSARD: Debating Private Member’s Motion on Housing for Individuals with Non-visible Disabilities

The motion states that the government should work with stakeholders in upholding a federal framework to improve access to adaptable, affordable housing for individuals with non-visible disabilities. In doing so, it calls for consideration of the presence of an expert on persons with visible and non-visible disabilities on the National Housing Council, recognizing in the National Housing Strategy Act the barriers to housing faced by people with disabilities, prioritizing the creation of accessible units, and ensuring that the right to adequate housing is applied equitably.

New Democrats fully support a human rights-based approach to housing. This means that every single person in Canada must have access to safe, affordable and adequate housing as a fundamental and basic human right, yet far too many Canadians, especially those with a disability, are being left behind. An estimated 235,000 Canadians will experience homelessness this year, of whom 45% are living with a physical or mental disability. There is no doubt that the housing crisis disproportionately impacts Canadians living with a disability, many of whom are low-income and living in poverty on fixed incomes. This is not a new issue, but inflationary pressures and the financialization of housing are only making matters worse. 

This petition asks Canada to grant asylum to transgender people from the U.S. Could it work?

This petition asks Canada to grant asylum to transgender people from the U.S. Could it work?

Some Democrat-led states are taking steps to protect transgender and non-binary people, especially young people. This month, for example, Minnesota Gov.Tim Walz signed an executive order to protect the rights of LGBTQ people in the state. A bill tabled by Minnesota's first openly transgender lawmaker also aims to make the state a "trans refuge state." 

NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, who supports the reasons for the petition, said she's not sure travelling to different regions within a home country will be feasible for everyone. There are also uncertainties about whether that's a viable long-term option.

"These are ongoing concerns," she said. "If they [go] to yet another state, maybe the laws there will also change.”

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