Social justice means that everyone has equal access to opportunities to thrive and resources to live in safety and dignity. This means equitable access to housing, healthcare, justice, economic opportunity and security. We must defend the hard-won rights fought for by generations of activists, such as women and pregnant people’s reproductive choice and freedom. We must fight and eradicate the social stigmas faced by marginalized people, such as people who are part of the LBGTQ community, people who belong to gender minorities, people who live in poverty or people who struggle with substance use disorders. We must address systemic barriers that continue the perpetuation of colonialism, racism, ableism, ageism, misogyny, and all forms of oppression.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh always says that “when we lift each other up, we all rise.”

Nowhere is this statement more evident than in the riding of Vancouver East. The diversity and commitment to social justice of this riding attracts many of the country’s most innovative, creative, progressive and compassionate people to make Van East the place to work, to create art, to look for community, and to call home. Van East is living proof that by working to create a place that is safe for, and inclusive of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our community, we create an incredible place where so many people want to live.

IN THE NEWS: National Observer - Rich keep getting richer while everyday Canadians suffer

IN THE NEWS: National Observer - Rich keep getting richer while everyday Canadians suffer

“I have had seniors come to my office in despair because their GIS (Guaranteed Income Support) has been cut and they don't know what to do. The rent is due and they have no other option,” said Kwan. “I've had seniors who've received eviction (notices) as a result of that … and been evicted and rendered homeless.”

The NDP has consistently pushed for a wealth tax, closing corporate tax loopholes, and providing a guaranteed livable basic income.

In the 2021 election, a one per cent tax on wealth over $10 million was a key plank of the NDP platform. Leader Jagmeet Singh also previously made an opposition day motion to implement a one per cent tax on wealth over $20 million.

IN THE NEWS: Georgia Straight - Indigenous identity, reconciliation, and why Canada Day festivities have fallen out of favour with some

Jenny Kwan, the NDP MP for Vancouver East, said the rising violence against Asian Canadians, as well as the terrorist attack on the Afzaal family, reflects deep-seated issues within the country.
“People always say when those incidents occur that, ‘This is not our Canada,’ ” Kwan told the Straight by phone. “Well, I’m sorry, this is our Canada. And this is not the first time the Muslim community has suffered such a violent and unspeakable attack for being who they are.”
The next bombshell raising questions about Canada’s commitment to equality came on June 15 when Nunavut NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq delivered a scathing farewell speech in Parliament.  The Inuk politician talked about everything from being racially profiled by House of Commons security staff to the lack of government action in response to the high rate of suicide among her people.
According to Kwan, Qaqqaq said out loud what many Indigenous peoples and Inuit have always felt.  Kwan suggested that every time the government brags about its work, it’s insulting to someone like Qaqqaq, who is watching members of her own community suffer immensely, including taking their own lives, because of Canada’s colonial history.
“I think this Canada Day, we need to reflect on, first and foremost, Canada’s colonization history and the ongoing impact for Indigenous peoples, especially with the finding of the mass graves in Kamloops,” the Vancouver NDP MP added.

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