Statement on IRCC’s sudden stopping priority processing for Hongkongers

MP Jenny Kwan's statement on IRCC’s sudden stopping priority processing for Hongkongers:

MP Jenny Kwan shared her deep concerns with the media that IRCC has suddenly stopped prioritizing the processing of the Special Immigration measures for Hong Kongers.  She highlighted the fact that the Hong Kong government has been increasing its persecution of pro-democracy activists and their families.  The situation in Hong Kong not only has not improved, in fact, if anything, it has worsened.   She also called out the underhanded way in which the deprioritizing of the Lifeboat streams for Hong Kongers was quietly posted on the government website, with no public announcement.  Applicants in need of getting to safety will be stuck with processing delays and those already here will remain in limbo, unable to fully resettle in Canada.  This move contradicts and undermines the government's claim that they stand with the people of Hong Kong and it's shameful.  Kwan called for the government to reverse this decision.

While I am glad and relieved to learn that today IRCC has advised that the deprioritizing of applications for Hong Kongers was published in error and priority processing for Hong Kongers will continue; one has to wonder if the government was not held to account on this sudden change in policy, would they have corrected the error.  Such mistakes can have significant implications, especially for those who are being persecuted and are desperate to get to saftey.

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