Jenny Kwan, MP

Member of Parliament, Vancouver East


NDP MP Jenny Kwan: Liberal Government Misleading Asylum Seekers

She says the government is ignoring a manageable issue.

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In wake of increase in asylum seekers, border personnel feeling abandoned by this government (CBC)

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Quebec's resources wear thin as wave of asylum seekers swells (Globe & Mail)

A1-asylum03nw1.JPGThe asylum seekers arrive about a dozen by the hour at the end of a quiet country road in upstate New York, hopping out of taxis, extended passenger vans and private vehicles. They appear to range in age from seven months to 70 years, but they count more very young people than old.

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Minister Joly: Stand up for Canada's Independent Television Sector

2017-07-31_Minister_Joly_Page_1.jpgMy letter to Minister Joly calling for her to set aside the CRTC’s decisions on the renewal of French-language and English-language television licences so that the independent television sector—in both official languages—can prosper and contribute to Canada's economic and cultural growth.

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Support from opposition MPs 'great boost,' says Vegreville mayor (CBC)

vegreville.JPGThe mayor of Vegreville, Alta. says he's been given new energy in his battle with the Liberal government over the planned closure of an immigration and refugee processing centre.

Conservative and NDP MPs have pledged to unite in their efforts to aid Mayor Myron Hayduk's cause.

The federal government plans to move the centre from Vegreville to Edmonton in 2018 and take about 230 jobs with it.

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