Motion M-39: Immigration to Atlantic Canada

Strong families build strong communities, and strong communities build a strong economy. In order for families and communities to thrive, the local economy must be sustainable. Motion M-39 was tabled in part to identify ways to increase newcomer retention to Atlantic Canada. It was quickly identified that just increasing immigration isn’t enough – substantial work needs to be done to increase the sustainability of the region so that those born there and newcomers alike wish to stay and can thrive in the region.

The Committee recently tabled a report to conclude its study of Motion M-39, Immigration to Atlantic Canada.

That report was tabled in the House of Commons and can be found here:

While I supported the majority of recommendations contained within the report, I was concerned that the Liberal majority on committee was unwilling to advance recommendations that addressed the issues we heard more broadly and recommendations that might not align with existing government policy and direction. As such, I attached a supplementary report with additional recommendations around three areas: increasing immigration levels plan numbers; retaining newcomers in Atlantic Canada; and transitioning from a reliance on the temporary to welcoming permanency.

At its heart, the New Democratic principle that if you’re good enough to work or study here, you’re good enough to stay was an idea echoed throughout the study. We need to improve our policies and regulations to reflect this. I look forward to the government response to the report.

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