On this page are selected videos of speeches, statements, debates, and questions I raise in the House.

To watch parliamentary proceedings live, you can visit: https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony

Parliament Video: Jenny in Question Period on protecting Afghan refugees

On Decemer 3, 2021, MP Jenny Kwan asked about protections for Afghan refugees: "The Liberal government has failed to meet even one-tenth of the commitment of protecting Afghan refugees. The Liberals' continued insistence on layers of red tape has left tens of thousands of Afghans fleeing the Taliban unable to get to safety. With each passing day, Afghan collaborators, human rights advocates, judges, women and girls face heightened risks. Will the Liberals simplify documentation requirements; waive the need for refugee status determination, as was done for the Syrian refugee initiative; grant temporary resident permits for those in need; and increase staffing for processing?"

Parliament Video: Response to Federal Budget - we need to address how inequality has grown

On May 25, 2021, MP Jenny Kwan spoke for a second time about the 2021 federal Budget - the need for a wealth tax on the very wealthiest people, and a pandemic profiteering tax, to pay for the basic supports that people need to get through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially seniors and people with disabilities; support for small businesses; targeted supports for culturally significant institutions like the PNE & Vancouver's Chinatown, for people in cultural industries, and more

Parliament Video: Bill C-29 - Jenny speaks up on respecting workers and the important right to free collective bargaining

On April 29, 2021, the House of Commons debated late into the night on Bill C-29, an Act put forward by the Liberal government to force workers at the Port of Montreal back to work & stripping them of their rights as enshrined in the law. MP Jenny Kwan spoke out against this back-to-work legislation, and delivered a speech in favour of respecting workers and their rights, respecting the collective bargaining process, respecting labour, and urging the government to withdraw the Bill.

Parliament Video: Raising concerns about CRA: CRB & CERB issues, need to tax extend filing deadline for seniors on GIS

On April 27, 2021, MP Jenny Kwan raised a number of concerns in the House related to CRA, raised by constituents: the need to extend the tax filing deadline for seniors receiving Guaranteed Income Supplement as was done in the earlier waves of the pandemic; as well as ongoing issues with CERB and taxation of CERB, and the case of one constituent, a busker, who finally received their Canada Recovery Benefit only after many months of advocacy on the issue.

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