On this page are selected videos of speeches, statements, debates, and questions I raise in the House.

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Jenny in the House: On gendered violence, homelessness, overdose deaths, & "the indispensability of every single person"

On December 7, MP Kwan stood in the House to respond to the Concurrence Motion Debate on Department spending Estimates. Jenny's response to the estimates of departmental spending is to raise the devastation that has taken place in the DTES as a result of this pandemic, and naming the actual concurrent crises that are taking place in Vancouver East: the housing & homelessness crisis, the epidemic of deaths by accidental overdose due to a poisoned drug supply, poverty, and the stark increase in reports of violence against women; and calling on the government to enact the coordinated responses necessary to actually address these problems, in collaboration with the community, and to act with an urgency comparable to the urgency taken in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

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