On this page are selected videos of speeches, statements, debates, and questions I raise in the House.

To watch parliamentary proceedings live, you can visit: https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony

Jenny responds to the new Liberal minority government's Throne Speech

On December 9, 2019, I gave my reply to the Speech from the Throne. Vancouver East is one of Canada's most diverse and progressive communities in the country. I am so very proud of our record here in Van East. We fight hard for what we believe in, and we have so much to celebrate. Yet, unfortunately, like me, the people of Vancouver East were left wanting after this throne speech. From affordable housing, to lasting justice for Indigenous people; from pharmacare and dental care to the urgent need for safe supply; from electoral reform to averting climate crisis - there is so much more that needs to be done and done now for the people of Vancouver East and indeed the entire country. I put forward these suggestions in the spirit of co-operation and saying to the government it is a minority government and New Democrats are here to work with it. Let us work for the people and act now make the changes.



Jenny in Question Period: "Humanitarian leaders don't shut their border to asylum seekers during a refugee crisis"

I have learned, in reviewing the Liberal government's 2019 Budget, that they are trying to sneak in changes to refugee laws in their Budget bill.

Humanitarian leaders don't shut their borders to asylum seekers in the midst of a refugee crisis. Lives are at risk.

That's why, on April 9, 2019, I rose in Question Period to ask once again: Will the Prime Minister do the right thing and suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement?

Jenny In Question Period: Daughters Of The Vote and Feminism

I rose yesterday, April 3, in Question period, to ask the following question: 
"Today in this chamber, dozens of the Daughters of the Vote turned their backs to the Prime Minister. Why? It is because they support strong, independent women speaking truth to power. Because they know that integrity is the cornerstone of your character.
"By kicking the first Indigenous Attorney-General of Canada out of caucus for upholding the law, the Prime Minister has made it clear that principled women who dare to stand up to him are not welcome in the Liberal Party. 
"Is this what a self-proclaimed 'feminist' looks like in 2019?"

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